Membership Buying Group

Unity is strength and power are in numbers. Our buying group has been the main strength for our association and vise versa. Pride was and still is in witnessing the growth of our buying group from 10 to 15 pharmacies with a purchasing power of 10 to 20 million dollars back in 2004 to a solid 133 pharmacies and a solid $ 180,000,000 dollars in early 2011 and counting. Vendors have realized the sleeping giant of AAPA buying group in wayne county in particular and in the state of Michigan in general. Also Vendors are realizing now the sleeping giant of the potential growth for this buying group in the whole country as we have started to go nation wide. This purchase power collectively added more dollars to the bottom line of  each pharmacy member as well as increased the quantity and quality of services offered.

Our board of directors whom volunteered endless hours to maintain and grew this buying group are stil committed to keep doing so and in more organized and aggressive manners. Recently the board of directors approved the preferred Vendors Committee which will be in charge of negotiation with all vendors and ultimately come up with the best discounted offers and highly qualified services to present to the board of directors for a decision making. A retroactive data and progressive proactive research, outsourcing, consulting and learning will be the key factors in using this ever growing massive purchasing power to the advantage of our buying group in terms of number and quality service, and ultimately to the success of our association at large interims of achieving our mission statements

Any member, pharmacist, industry, association, or organization that wishes to communicate, or participate in activity or committee, or even has an idea that promotes in the interests of  AAPA, is welcome to contact at: