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Grass Root Advocacy

AAPA’s Grassroots Advocacy Resource Center is a place where YOU can see what issues are in play for the pharmaceutical industry today and in the future, as well as how YOU can educate others, including your Members of Congress, on those issues.

It has never been more important for pharmacists to speak directly to their Members of Congress about issues facing the pharmaceutical industry.

Contact your Legislator:  
Knowing where your representative and senators stand on issues involving research to improve health is essential for all Americans. You can use this site to inform your interactions with your members of Congress. Thank those who have responded and let those who have not know that you want to hear from them!

Contact Your Legislator

Welcome to the legislative action center.

The most important way to advocate for your profession is to regularly contact your legislators regarding issues of importance to pharmacy. Calling, writing, and most importantly, meeting in person with your elected officials will help establish you as a resource to consult when pharmacy issues come up for a vote.  Click here to find your local legislator.

AAPA Bill Tracker

GovTrack has information on all bills going back to 1993 and follows the status of current pending legislation as it goes through the law-making process. Search bills and browse by subject area.

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